Temple Hardscape provides a full range of landscape and hardscape services from the design concept to the building process. We cater to both residential and commercial customers in the South Jersey area. From classic to contemporary, we can transform your exterior property into a beautiful and exciting new landscape.


Recreate your outdoor space with a nice, relaxing patio whether its for dining with family or afternoon tea with friends.


If your concrete driveway has cracks, or is not leveled correctly, we will take care of that.

Walkways and Steps

Get rid of that muddy path, and replace it with a customized paved walkway or steps.

Retaining Wall

Need to restrain soil from unnatural slopes? Let us build a retaining wall so you can shape your landscape as you want it. Unfortunately, most backyards are not as level as you may think and need walls to be built for backyard patios and swimming pool construction.

Pool Decks

Pool decks are easy to maintain and provide a non-slip surface for your safety. Pool decks are easy to maintain and provide a non-slip surface for your safety. Making the choice to use pavers for your pool project instead of concrete will enhance the look and value to your backyard. Change the look of your ordinary concrete whether it be new or old with the replacement of the various choices of pavers.

Outdoor Lighting Packages

Outdoor lights will add to the beauty of your patio, sitting walls, and steps. Add lighting to your flowerbeds and home to enhance the nightscape. For safety and recreational purposes, light up your outdoor space. Choose from our many lighting packages.

Fire pits

Create a nice and cozy area to be part of your pave or patio to enjoy the cooler weather with family and friends. Get your fire cracking with a nice and cozy fireplace. Keep your family warm during winter season.


Change your existing landscape with new plant material. Beautify your lawn or backyard with a classic or modern landscape. From ornamentals to flowers and trees, your home and commercial outdoor space is sure to look fantastic.

Concretes and Drainage

We also offer other concrete services and drainage installations.

Other Services

Additional services include outdoor kitchens, columns, mailboxes, fountains, shrub and tree trimming, mulching and seasonal color.


Pavers and Wall Material:
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Lighting Fixtures:


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Drainage Materials:
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