Dear Steve,


We just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying our patio. Your professionalism and workmanship are to be commended. My husband and I did not have any idea we would be utilizing our patio on Memorial Day weekend. Our family and friends were in awe with the job that you and your crew completed. A job well done!!!


Again we thank you and will continue to recommend you to all.



James & Vanessa King

Dear Steve,


I am writing on behalf of Ryan and myself to thank you for making our yard and pool landscape just perfect! It is beautiful! We can remember how barren it looked when the pool was being installed and now when we look out at the back yard it is just gorgeous. You have created a very tranquil, warm and relaxing atmosphere for us to enjoy for many years to come and an area we will be proud to share with family and friends.


As I watched you and your crew working in the yard I was impressed at how you orchestrated your team so that everyone had their jobs. They took all the ideas we talked about and created a beautiful landscape. Your guys work hard… I have never seen momentum like that in a crew. They are like a well-oiled machine. Another thing about your crew is that they are so neat when they leave the job for the evening. The yard is left clean….they rake up, hose down the walkway, blow all the dirt away, pick up all the extra pieces of brick and stone, tools are all organized… even when the yard is under construction it looks nice!


We really appreciate your flexibility in working with us to tweak the design as we went along in the project. you collaborated with us and as we talked out out you were able to understand what we wanted and came up with a great look. The thing that impressed me the most about you work is how you and your crew would take that extra step in detail to make what you were doing just right. For example, when the river rock was placed under the fence by the gate, someone actually took the extra time to take the adjacent garden bed and extend it a foot or so out just so it would round off to meet the gate opening. Just adjusting the garden bed that little bit made the appearance of the entrance flow better, and it was that extra step that was taken that made all the difference.


Thank you for a wonderful landscaping experience! From the time we first sat down to discuss our project and throughout the process you and your crew were professional in all facets of completion. It has been a pleasure working with you and your crew and we will recommend and encourage people to choose Temple Hardscape. They will love the results!


Thanks again,

Gewn and Ryan Grabich